Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A good week for David Lammy's blog

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, has had nothing but good news to report this month. Not only has he been nominated in the elected representative category of The New Statesman's annual 'New Media Award', he also recieved second place in MediaGuardian's list of the 30 'most important ethnic minority figures in the media industry'.

Lammy's blog was praised by readers on The New Statesman's website (link) as an "excellent website giving constituents up to date information." As one of 19 nominees in the category, he will compete with the likes of Philip Davies, Tom Watson and several other accomplished blogging MPs.

This month's second highlight for Lammy was his election as the second most important ethnic minority figure in British Media in The Guardian's media section last week (link). The list of minority media figures was created after last years 'MediaGuardian 100' was exclusively white.
Lammy commented that he finds it a "real honour to be nominated for the New Statesman New Media Awards" after having "worked hard to make my website a useful resource and an effective means of ensuring my constituents can see what I am doing at both local and national levels."

He continued to say: “It is also fantastic to have a place on the ethnic minority power list. I was glad that the Guardian chose to showcase the many people from diverse backgrounds in prominent positions within the British media arena.”

The winners for the 'New Media Awards' will be presented in July.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

How good are London's MPs at blogging about parliament?

After having spent some time roaming around the blogs and websites of our parliamentary representatives, I feel like I have been submerged into the world of MP's blogs to dedicate my first post to their quality and relevance. How good are London MPs at blogging about parliament?

After several weeks of searching, I have been able to find personal blogs or websites for 52 London MPs, this means that 22 MPs (29.7%) either do not have one or go to some effort to hide it from the world. Compared the rest of the country this is not too bad; 196 MPs (30.3%) do not have a personal website appearing in Parliament's member listing .

After taking a deeper look I found I realised that the majority of our MPs sites are (almost) useless when it comes to up-to-date information on your local MP's involvement in Parliament or opinion on current affairs. In my list of comments I had to note 15 sites as 'out of date' (no posts in more than two weeks), 11 as 'local coverage only' and seven as 'under construction' or 'dead'. Beside that I found that five of the 21 sites (two sites got both 'out of date' and 'local coverage only' notes) left divert users to an external source for news. This leaves 16 sites providing up to date, personalised news about their hosts' activities in Parliament.

This leaves us with the conclusion that, without taking the contents of their coverage, 16 out of 74 London MPs provide up to date personalised news on their activities in parliament.

(I will continue to check up our MPs parliamentary coverage and keep you posted on a regular basis.)

Introduction and welcome to They blog for you

Welcome to They blog for you, the London MP Metablog. In this blog I aim to discuss everything concerning the weblogs of Greater London's 74 MPs.

This blog will cover the contents, developments, quality and more of London MPs' blogs and personal websites (in the second case the focus will still be on websites' news related sections) in an (unless otherwise mentioned) impartial manner.

I chose to confine this blog's contents to London MPs only for these and other reasons: I live in London, covering all 646 UK constituencies (or even the 529 English ones), London has an enormous amount of diversity (44 Labour, 21 Conservative, 8 Lib. Dem, 1 Respect MPs) while its different areas may often face similar problems.
Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

(PS: As I am starting this blog as a university project, please mention it to your friends or add a link on your website/blog, I would appreciate it!)